Friday, July 29, 2005


Kilroy quits:

"It was clear from the general election result - and more recently that of the Cheadle by-election - that the electors are content with the old parties and that it would be virtually impossible for a new party to make a significant impact given the nature of our electoral system. We tried and failed.

"It is also the case that it is impossible to have an effective political party without a central administration and significant financial support. We have neither.

"In the circumstances I would be misleading the members of the party and the public if I pretended that we could make progress. I'm not prepared to do that.

"We must face up to the truth."
Kilroy. Spelled L-O-S-E-R.

Veritas. Spelled D-E-A-D A-N-D B-U-R-I-E-D.

Good fucking riddance, pissnut.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Take that, Kilroy, you arrogant, insignificant little twat! Nearly lost your deposit!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Nearly time for Veritas' ignominious demise...

And, for the record, the reason this blog hasn't been updated is that there's little point. Veritas has successfully stopped itself. By being shit. Take the Hampstead & Highgate Veritas candidate. Who isn't - he switched back to UKIP at the last minute. Just as much of a bunch of deluded little Englander cunts, but at least they aren't led by a narcissistic fifth-rate ex-TV hack.

Also for the record, "Dr Roger Doger" was an obvious stooge from the start - as are so many (though probably not all) of the people commenting on this site. Most are either Veritas knobs who, like "Roger", unconvincingly stage a conversion to the cause or UKIP fellow travellers who are the only people now to actually see Veritas as any kind of threat. Even the Tories aren't worried, for Christ's sake... That should tell you something, surely?

Go on show Kilroy what you think of him and slap the smarmy twunt around the face.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

A response to Geoffrey Harper-Jones

Our Harrogate-based Veritas supporter and regular commentor on this site asks me to condemn the bloke who allegedly tried to bottle Kilroy somewhere or other. OK, then:

Bloke who tried to bottle Kilroy - don't miss next time.
And if at first you don't succeed, try, try again.

(StopVeritas would like to make clear that he/she/it abhors violence nearly as much as he/she/it abhors Kilroy and co.)

Veritas in Croydon - a couple of cunts

Via email:

Some dirt for you on Winston Mckenzie and Marianne Bowness, both Veritas candidates in Croydon.

She tends to come up with some crazy ideas - you never know where they're going next. Here are some:

- last year they decided to run a 'mini olympics' in Croydon for children. Complete flop

- winston's launched a 'charity' single before... had thousands of cds of him singing pressed and sold a few dozen i believe. no money went to charites to my knowledge, though at the time of launching it they were hopefully that half a year later they'd be arriving at a wedding in a limousine. they thought their single would get to no. 1 in the charts

- before chosing to run as a 'black voice' or something like that last year, winston also considered the liberal democrat party

- they're both completely clueless

- they have some dodgy dealings (or at least used to) going with charities in which they apparently work for these charities and get office space and a car and maybe money. i'm sure its all a scam

- marianne bowness used to be married to the mayor of crydon, peter bowness, who's now a lord. they're now divorced

- their latest escipade, apart from veritas, is to buy/sell oil out of nigeria, which to me sounds like one of those nigerian scams. but again, they think they'll make millions from it, even though they have no knowledge about hte oil markets at all!

- winston used to own a pub with his brothers in croydon which was closed down because of drugs. there has been a court case

- they're always trying to 'borrow' money off friends and family who they don't speak to except to try and get money

generally they're both absolutely bonkers!

Monday, April 18, 2005

Alright, you Veritas-supporting twats

Read this and get in a tizzy. I honestly can't be bothered to write anything about your pathetic little party myself.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Kilroy in Bolton?

The election's kicked off, and I'm still busy, so this latest reader update's a day late. Anyone know if Kilroy actually made it to Bolton?

My cousin has today received a call inviting her to a "big" Veritas election
rally in Bolton tonight, 5th April.

Apparently all the big wigs in Bolton - candidates etc are coming, and guess
what - so too is Kilroy! It appears all that badge selling has paid off. He
is even bringing his wife along.

Bolton is a key area for Veritas, and the locals seem to believe they have a
chance of winning seats there. But its candidates are serious oddballs - one
is an ex-butcher who now describes himself as a "cyber-trader", and the
other say his main occupation is a "freelance sculptor".

Apparently Bolton Veritas members are "cock-a hoop" at finally getting
Kilroy to Bolton, particualry with the election kicking in. And they are
also all keen to congratulate him for "standing up to the gypos" on a TV
programme that was on Channel 4 last night.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

"We're not racist," says Kilroy, "but everyone knows black people are good at sport!"

And have a great sense of rhythm and stuff...

Yep - Kilroy's recruited himself an ethnic! Sounds like no one was too impressed though - only three people turned up to the press conference:

"Mr McKenzie had booked a conference suite at Fairfield, where he awaited visitors from the press with Marianne Bowness, who plans to contest the Croydon Central constituency for Veritas.

"But instead of a packed auditorium, the pair were greeted to the sight of rows and rows of empty seats.

"Mrs Bowness, a PR expert who promotes Mr McKenzie, told the seven seated inside: 'We were expecting TV cameras this morning. But of the two that were due to arrive, one had called off and the other hasn't arrived either, so we'll have to grin and bear it.'"

Now yes, McKenzie is an ex-boxer, and he's black - but why do Veritas need a sports spokesman anyway? Haven't they considered for a moment that it could look like your typical casual racism to lump black issues and sport together? And what about non-black ethnic minorities? Or do we have to wait for someone Chinese to turn up before we get a "Spokesman for Chinese and Efficient Service Issues"?

FYI: WInston McKenzie stood as an independent in the Brent East By Election - pulling in just 197 votes for his self-proclaimed "Black Voice for Great Britain" party.

His key message? "Stop all immigration because Britain is full."

Lookee - handy Winston McKenzie campaign literature - if it weren't for the fact the BNP wouldn't let him in, methinks that might be more appropriate...

Friday, April 01, 2005

It's not a palindrome! The palindrome of Bolton would be Notlob. It don't work!

Much like Kilroy's silly little ego trip party.

Another update from Bolton:

"The Bolton Veritas branch, held up by Veritas as one of its strongest, has decended into farce. One faction has already left in the huff, and what's left is little more than a bunch of RKS cheerleaders - "nice old ladys", who not only religiously watched "Kilroy" every morning but videoed it as well ! Their one obsession is to get Kilroy to come to Bolton, obstensibly on political grounds, but largely to get his autograph and mayber even a kiss. Their problem is Kilroy won't come without being paid. But rather than confronting him on this ridiculous demand from a "party leader", they have instead embarked on some fundraising to help pay for the visit, sellingthese badges round the doors of suburban Bolton"

Thursday, March 31, 2005

A commentor writes:

"What idot made this blogspot? They really must be such a loser to type all this useless crap abusing RKS. It wouldn't surprise me if it was a Muslim or a silly left winged twat.Silly cock sucking nerd go and get a job"

Another commentor writes:


Hurrah! Look ye on the face of Veritas supporters and their wonderfully well thought out political arguments and despair, for verrily shalt Kilroy and his minions overcome!

(And the reason I haven't been updating is that I have a job, darling - more than one, in fact)

A reader writes:

"My couisin has joined Veritas in Bolton and she is already becoming
disillusioned by the party. Despite repeated efforts her branch has heard
absolutely nothing from national heaquarters. Apparently Kilroy-Silk has all
but dissappeared, and will only turn up at branch meetings if he is paid to
attend. She is also pretty sure six or seven people in her branch are ex
national Front though they deny this -one of them even wants to contest a
seat on a Veritas ticket at the next election.

"I have read some of the pro Veritas posts on your site and they make me both
laugh and cry. They give the impression that there is some sort of activity
out there, whereas my cousin will vouch the new party is all but moribund
already. Having said that I find the naivity of some of the pro veritas
posts frighting. This no boy scout movement - close up they are a pretty
nasty bunch, though thankfully small in number and lazy with it."

I too am lazy, as the lack of updates has shown.

Well, actually it's just that I have a life - unlike most Veritas supporters! Ha ha ha ha ha! Do you see what I did there? God, I'm funny...

Friday, February 25, 2005

Slagging off Kilroy is great fun

But I don't always have enough time to dig out info on Veritas (largely because it's such a pathetically minor organisation that no one really gives a shit).

If anyone wants to help out posting lots of offensive (but fact-based) material about the permatanned one and his cohorts on here, let me know via the email to the side there. Hell, you could even be one of those UKIP morons if you like - as long as you don't mind me editing your posts to make clear that you're just of much of a fucking idiot as Kilroy and his goons.

Oh, and speaking of UKIP - looks like they might sue Kilroy as well as the Veritas software company.

Ha ha ha!

Oh, and by the way, according to the Electoral Commission, Kilroy is now officially leader of the party - Anthony Bennett has been demoted to campaigns officer.

Was there a vote of the membership on that one then?

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Kilroy: "no genuine asylum seekers"

What a twat. But his logic is impeccable. They can't be genuine if they've reached Britain, because "they would in most cases have had to hijack a plane from North Korea or to have come on a raft from Saudi Arabia".

Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Saudi Arabia a little far to travel from by raft? And aren't they one of our staunch allies in the war on terror?

Really, Kilroy - you can't become Prime Minister if you piss off George Bush's best buddies in Riyadh...

But hey - "this isn't a matter of race or colour, this is numbers". Because after all, when you turn people into statistics it's rather easier to shove them into the gas chambers, isn't it?

Monday, February 14, 2005

Kilroy-Silk: Love Rat and Fraudster?

Yep, it's Robert this time. As mentioned before, he's a naughty boy:

"In 1995, the tabloids found that he had had an affair with Hillary Beauchamp, an art teacher and had had a son, Danny to whose welfare he contributed £200 a month, or as was reported, 0.5 per cent of his £500,000 annual income. A Penthouse model later accused him of trying to seduce her after she appeared on his show."
An alternative source? OK:
"in 1995 when Kilroy-Silk admitted he'd had an affair with an art teacher who became pregnant. She had a son, Danny, for whom he was reported to have paid the princely sum of stg»50 a week maintenance out of his stg»10,000 weekly income."
From that same article, reports that guests on Kilroy's show were fakes:
"In 1999, the tabloids reported that many of Kilroy's guests had been impostors supplied by a model agency to discuss topics such as kinky sex and drugs. One south London disc jockey had pretended to be a cocaine addict. "
When is Kilroy going to confirm or deny the "veritas" behind these allegations? He's set up a party designed to cut out the sleaze in politics - is it possible for an adulteror who conned the British public into thinking they were watching a genuine discussion show which was actually populated by actors to do this?

Kilroy-Silk: Convicted fraudster!

Not Robert, but his son, Dominic - send to Ford Open prison for 10 months in 1990 over a £350,000 mortgage fraud (bottom of page). That's even worse than Peter Mandelson! Go Kilroy!

Friday, February 11, 2005

Kilroy: "cunt"

Presumably we all know about his lovechild already (you know, the one he never sees?). But it seems Kilroy's tanned shagging antics know no bounds. Via Popbitch again:

"Ex-TV presenter Robert Kilroy Silk is the founder of new political party Veritas. We believe that he has the perfect communication skills to lead a political party.

Consider the example of the Page 3 glamour model who had a crush on Kilroy. She got a message to him, he contacted her, and they agreed to meet in a hotel room.

When she walked in, the great charmer greeted her with the gallant phrase... "Get your cunt out, then!"
How do Kilroy's Christian buddies feel about his extramarital affairs? Isn't there something in the Bible about that being a bit off?

Thursday, February 10, 2005

This site's visitors

Forgot to say - in its first week this site had over 1,000 unique visitors and over 2,000 page loads. It has been linked to all over the shop - my favourite being blogging Labour MP Tom Watson, and more are doubtless on their way. Visitors have come from various media organisations, political organisations and even software companies... Hooray!

Veritas = Christian conspiracy (just like Opus Dei in that inexplicably popular Da Vinci Code nonsense)

First it was Veritas "Leader" Tony Bennett and his connections to the ape-shit mental Christian Voice, now it's Veritas "chief executive" Jonathan Lockhart. Loads of nice info in that last link.

Christians, eh? What a bunch of bastards - just like their Lord Jesus Christ. (What? His mother was unmarried, wasn't she? The hussy...)

Kilroy's voting record

A handy pdf file of Kilroy's parliamentary career 1974-79 - his only experience of actual power as opposed to the mere self-regard and coven of fawning admirers he's been used to for the last two decades.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Damian Hockney - what a cock

From the Popbitch mailout (so probably bollocks and certainly old):

"Damian Hockney, who became the only other person in Robert Kilroy-Silk's new Veritas political party this week, used to live in Chelsea years ago when I knew him (before the pecs surgery and botox). Damian used to mince about the Worlds End area in cycling shorts to show off the outline of his ginormous cock, truly a monster. He liked to discuss it with everyone, claiming that its enormity was due to growing up in Africa, and not having much to do except mess about with the local kids, whose favourite past-time was stretching their penises with stones and heat to make them bigger. Apparently he gets light-headed even with just a semi lob-on."

Everyone hates Robert Kilroy-Silk. He just hates Muslims and foreigners


Kilroy is rated 9.05 hated - poor dear...

A handy, detailed chronological overview of the Kilroy "Arabs are crap" affair from a reasoned and rational Muslim perspective. Contrary to popular belief among Veritas members yes, Muslims can be reasoned and rational. They are not all limb-amputators, women oppressors and suicide bombers.

If anyone is in doubt that Kilroy meant "Muslims" when he said "Arabs", the "Behind the tan" documentary shown by the BBC last week has ample proof - he referred to Afghanistan and Iran as being "Arab countries". In fact, considering the fact that Kilroy is increasingly becoming a fascist you'd think he'd be a big fan of Iranians - they are, after all, Aryan...

Handy help for Veritas members who want to get their racism accurate.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Veritas party anthem unveiled

Hooray for music!

Monday, February 07, 2005

Veritas - "let's water down the lager!!?!"

Sound like a bunch of lightweights to me:

"both alcohol and pornography have already had a devastating effect on the moral character of the nation and will continue to do so for some time. It is time that it was recognised that pandering to man's most bestial instincts, as pornography does, can only damage our society. It is also time to realise that some gentlemen are simply more able to enjoy alcohol effectively because they treat the subject with intelligence and sophistication. Most of the problems stemming from drink arise from yobs and oafs guzzling beers in rowdy pubs. Those of us who prefer a finer variety of drink, and prefer to savour our tipple as opposed to glug it down, never seem to have the sort of problems that these yobs do.

"The solution, I feel, is to water down the cheaper varities of drink to limit the extent to which slovenly individuals can damage themselves."

Hip hip hooray for Veritas - fighting for the elimination of snobbery!! And wanking!!!

Sunday, February 06, 2005

UKIP and Veritas confused by StopVeritas

UKIP confused
Veritas confused

Poor dears.

Meanwhile, the Veritas forum has attracted a lovely chappie by the name of BNP (possibly a relation of the UKIP forum's Nationalist). It seems British National Party leader Nick Griffin's plans are all working out, and the fascist inflitration of Kilroy's outfit is already underway. None too subtle, but then these people were never exactly known for their brains...

Is Kilroy secretly still part of UKIP?

His website still displays their colours...

Maybe you'd like to ask Veritas' official leader (and researcher to Kilroy) Anthony "Muhammed is a pederast" Bennett? Here's his mobile number and email address (both from that website): 07835 716537 -

He's a member of the bonkers Christian organisation which published home addresses and phone numbers of BBC executives in a bid to stop the broadcast of Jerry Springer the Opera, so I'm sure he won't mind people getting in touch.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

The Divine Inspiration of the Leader

In the centre of the movement stands the figure of... the Leader. This central figure cannot be replaced by anything else, a group or committee or board. Any such suggestions overlook the "charismatic" element of the leader... This element in the mass leader... is a reality that cannot be dismissed even by those who are not under its influence. A great deal of the nimbus of the... leader seems manufactured and is in fact manufactured; but the root of his mesmeric influence lies... in an irrational element... [Kilroy] is a... leader with the medium's gift of thrall, a thrall in which he is himself caught... the leader must speak in a religious mood, in lapidary phrases that can be used with suggestive force...

The Messiah-figure of the leader is the indispensible centre of their propaganda... the figure of the leader must be withdrawn more and more into seclusion and surrounded with mystery. He must only come visibly into the presence of the nation by means of startling actions and rare speeches at critical moments... Except for that he must withdraw from view - just like the Creator behind creation - in order to heighten his effectiveness by his mysteriousness. The very rarity of his appearances would make them events. No great leader should wear out his greatness in the daily drudgery of administration... Only when [Kilroy] had really become a mythical figure would the whole depth of his magical influence reveal itself...

But this process of the mesmerizing of the masses is only made possible by the general... disintegration of all the genuine elements of national welfare and public order. Thus neither the devotion to the leader nor the faith in him is of purely artificial production. Their appearance is due less to the foisting of a "Messiah" on the masses than to the loss of validity of the old and genuine standards and allegiances. The question still remains how... power could proceed from petty and contemptible sources. It is characteristic of the present time that an appearance of gigantic achievements can be created with no basis in fact. The technical and organizing resources available enable any sort of phantasmagoria to be given for a time the semblance of reality.

Extracted from Die Revolution des Nihilismus by Herman Rauschning - trns. E.W. Dickes - first published 1938 (although this translation is from a November 1939 British edition, pages 36 to 39). Rauschning was Nazi President of the Danzig Senate, but fled Germany in 1935 after opposing Hitler's attempts to suppress rival parties and persecute the Jews. In this extract, "Hitler" has - as you may well have noticed - been replaced with "Kilroy". Clever, eh?

Friday, February 04, 2005

Veritas proposes execution of migrants!

No wonder the BNP supports Kilroy's Veritas - the new party wants to execute migrants:

"Migration initiatives can translate directly into savings and improved operational efficiencies. Successful migration projects are marked by rapid implementation with minimal downtime. Whether you're embarking on a physical, resource, logical, or operational migration project, VERITAS offers an array of technologies and services that can help you to execute flawlessly."

BNP Leader: "Support Veritas and you're supporting the BNP!"

A British National Party press release states:

"The launch of Veritas may well be greeted with horror by hard working BNP supporters around the country, aware that such a party may well steal votes from our candidates... However any success of Veritas... will in the long run benefit the BNP."
BNP leader Nick Griffin has listed his reasons for backing Kilroy as follows:

we have to acknowledge that a big push by Kilroy-Silk’s Vanity party is likely to take votes from the BNP at the forthcoming General Election. At first sight, therefore, this makes its launch a serious blow to our hopes for the future. In fact, however, nothing could be further from the truth. In the long-run, it may well be that Kilroy-Silk’s high profile anti-immigration, anti-multiculturalism and anti-Islam campaign will play a very significant role in our ultimate victory."

BNP leader Nick Griffin's six reasons why Veritas is good for the BNP:

(thoughtfully extracted to stop you having to visit a website full of hate and stupidity)

1) "any and every high-profile discussion of ‘race’ serves to legitimise our message and move us towards the mainstream. Whether it’s Michael Howard, Robert Kilroy-Silk or Labour MPs such as Ann Cryer, the more they make the public aware that our issues can be discussed, the easier our campaigners find it to win over ordinary voters on the doorstep."

2) "the more Veritas anti-immigration candidates do to break old voting habits this May, the more votes will be available to British National Party council candidates next May."

3) "if Kilroy’s Vanity operation is going to be effective as a safety-valve, it is going to need to have very large sums of money spent on it... having several million pounds... thrown into propagandising and organising against the multi-culti ‘elite’ will without fail attract and involve new people – middle class professionals in particular – who at present tend to be outside our sphere of influence...

"the more of our political ‘turf’ that Kilroy seeks to stand on, the harder it will be for his paid party managers to keep their grass-roots activists from looking with curious sympathy at what the BNP has to say on ‘their’ issues. The moment any moderately intelligent newcomer gets involved in any sort of anti-immigration group, and promptly goes looking for facts and figures and explanations on the Internet, they will be drawn to our website like bees to a honeypot."

4) "More than that, the rapid, almost uncontrollable growth that Veritas will enjoy if a serious amount of money is thrown at it will create entire local branches of sincere, angry but politically naïve members – the political equivalent of free take-away pizzas for BNP talent-spotting and recruitment teams... True, we will have to work to turn knee-jerk single issue protesters into genuine all-round nationalists, but the longer they spend in Veritas reading the pamphlets and listening to the audio tapes our ‘hit-squads’ will have at their disposal, the more they will tend to see that Kilroy-Silk is only a pale and useless imitation of the real thing anyway."

5) "Kilroy-Silk has a very limited shelf life. For a start he’s a 62-year old egomaniac loner. However well his party does for a few years... either a Muslim hit-man with something a bit more dangerous than a bucket of horse-shit, sun-bed induced skin cancer or age that no number of face-lifts can hold back, is going to get him sooner or later. And, in any one-man party, when the one man goes, so does everyone else. What an irony if he did manage to build a really popular party, only for us to have huge chunks of it drop into our laps when he ceases to be a player."

6) "The sixth and final reason for us to welcome Veritas is that, whatever the real intentions of those behind it, its high-profile existence and the need of Kilroy-Silk to keep himself in the headlines by ever-more Politically Incorrect comments are bound to have a destabilising influence on the genocidal multi-culti experiment that it is our aim and duty to destroy.

" This is bound to be particularly true in terms of the continued radicalisation of young Muslims... That means more racist attacks on innocent whites, more open hostility to our fundamental values of democracy, free speech and genuine tolerance, and more potential home-grown suicide bombers. All of which – though very unpleasant – will bring ever closer the day when the British electorate tire for good of trite sound-bites and empty promises to treat a few of the worst symptoms of the multi-culti cancer, and decide instead that the time has come for radical nationalist surgery."

So, the BNP welcomes both Veritas and suicide bombers - what wonderful patriots they are!

Kilroy's suntan explained!

Veritas is working on a cure.

This cure may or may not involve deporting people with funny skin colours.

Veritas - membership criteria

You can't be foreign, obviously, or Scottish, Irish, Black, Muslim. You've got to hate foreigners too and want to send them all back. You've got to love Kilroy. But even that isn't enough:

"The VCPP certification tracks are designed to test individuals on real world, job task scenarios. Candidates must pass a designated number of exams, within a track, to achieve VERITAS Certified Professional status."

I'd certainly agree that anyone who wants to join Veritas should be certified!!!

Veritas - sodomizing policemen

Is this Kilroy's sinister plan?

(The local government officer could well be Damian Hockney, ex-UKIP member of the London Assembly who defected to Veritas on Sunday)

Veritas - it's the Germans!

Is Kilroy's new party Veritas (not the company Veritas - oh no! nothing to do with them!) backed by the German company Veritas AG? If Britain pulled out of the EU, the main beneficiaries would be France and... Germany!! It would make a lot of sense for the French and Germans to back British Eurosceptics...

The party's motto?

Veritas: Mehr Sicherheit und Qualität von Anfang an!

(I don't know what it means, but it sounds pretty sinister to me)

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Anti-talk show host group backs talk show host group?

Christian Voice, the group which organized protests to Jerry Springer: The Opera earlier this year (including publishing home contact details for BBC executives resulting in death threats) is quite a fan of Veritas' listed Leader, Anthony Bennett, who is himself a Christian campaigner as well as a racist Islamophobe.

Could the group which caused a media storm about one talk show hoast be about to lend its support to a media storm around another? Or is Kilroy's Veritas not only be linked to the software company Veritas, but also the Irish Christian publisher Veritas and the American Christian university evangelists Veritas?

If so, I can now announce the new party's chief policys: Christ is the answer to all life's hardest questions.

I thought the European Union was mean to be the Christian conspiracy? Well, it seems that now God Himself is opposed to the EU.

Although this is now his third political party, could these people think that Kilroy is the second coming?

Veritas supporters are insane

Watch this space.

Veritas - why the delay?

Veritas (the company)'s vice president commerical channels, EMEA, Vince Blackall admitted recently that the company was preparing "its biggest ever product launch".

Apparently "There was a big argument... some people wanted to launch in December but I didn't want to do a major product launch in the last couple of weeks of the financial year. So it was decided back in October on a January launch." Well, they were only a couple of days late with their new product...

Boycott Veritas!

If you own any Symantec products, you may be funding Kilroy.

Boycott Veritas to stop Veritas!

Veritas = National Front

According to the Electoral Commission, the Leader, Nominating Officer and Campaigns Officer of Veritas (the party, not the company) is one Anthony Bennett.

Bennett is Kilroy's research assistant, known vandal and a racist who claimed the prophet Muhammed was a child molester.

So it should hardly come as a surprise that he has been linked to a former leader of the British National Front - the extreme right-wing party which the racist British National Party came from.

Veritas = fascist.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Veritas - the funding

Kilroy lost the support of his previous source of funding, businessman Paul Sykes, some time ago. How can he afford to set up his own party?

There was also a surprising delay in the announcement of Veritas' launch since Kilroy quit UKIP - why?

Both these questions can now be answered.

The reason for the delay in the confirmation that the new party was going to be called "Veritas" was thanks to copyright issues. "Veritas" is a trademark of the US software firm of the same name - see Kilroy had to wait for their permission - and check out how similar the logos are:

Veritas (company):

Veritas (party):

There is no way that the party's logo could not be a copyright infringement.
UNLESS the party has the permission of the company to use it.

But that's not all. Veirtas (the company) has revenues of around $1.74 BILLION a year. On their website, Veritas (the company) also admits that "VERITAS employees are committed to giving back to the communities in which we work and live... To advance its commitment, VERITAS and the VERITAS Foundation have given over two million in cash and software to nonprofit organizations. VERITAS employees have also donated thousands of hours volunteering..."

Nonprofit organisations like a political party, by any chance? Kilroy's group couldn't possibly have been allowed to set up shop with a party which infringes the Veritas company's trademark without that company's consent. Without Paul Sykes' backing, Kilroy also did not have the money to afford to set up his own party.

Is the Veritas company funding Kilroy's anti-immigration, anti-foreigner fascist ideals?

Let's have a look at that logo again:

Now let's zoom in:

Look familiar?


How about now?:

Veritas launches

Robert Kilroy-Silk, the man who famously got sacked from the BBC and the Express newspaper for being a racist, has now launched his new political party, on a platform based solely on a far-right anti-foreigner platform.

This site aims to expose him for the fascist he is.