Thursday, February 03, 2005

Anti-talk show host group backs talk show host group?

Christian Voice, the group which organized protests to Jerry Springer: The Opera earlier this year (including publishing home contact details for BBC executives resulting in death threats) is quite a fan of Veritas' listed Leader, Anthony Bennett, who is himself a Christian campaigner as well as a racist Islamophobe.

Could the group which caused a media storm about one talk show hoast be about to lend its support to a media storm around another? Or is Kilroy's Veritas not only be linked to the software company Veritas, but also the Irish Christian publisher Veritas and the American Christian university evangelists Veritas?

If so, I can now announce the new party's chief policys: Christ is the answer to all life's hardest questions.

I thought the European Union was mean to be the Christian conspiracy? Well, it seems that now God Himself is opposed to the EU.

Although this is now his third political party, could these people think that Kilroy is the second coming?


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