Friday, February 11, 2005

Kilroy: "cunt"

Presumably we all know about his lovechild already (you know, the one he never sees?). But it seems Kilroy's tanned shagging antics know no bounds. Via Popbitch again:

"Ex-TV presenter Robert Kilroy Silk is the founder of new political party Veritas. We believe that he has the perfect communication skills to lead a political party.

Consider the example of the Page 3 glamour model who had a crush on Kilroy. She got a message to him, he contacted her, and they agreed to meet in a hotel room.

When she walked in, the great charmer greeted her with the gallant phrase... "Get your cunt out, then!"
How do Kilroy's Christian buddies feel about his extramarital affairs? Isn't there something in the Bible about that being a bit off?


At 6:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is an outrageous slur on a man of courage. An who was this "glamour model"

At 3:46 AM, Anonymous Outraged said...

I cannot believe this of Kilroy, a man of justice most Britons grew up admiring.

This unsourced attack on him by a an unamed source is typical of how some peoeple ( the left, the arabs and the media) like to treat our heroes.

Leave Kilroy alone is all I would say, and if you are reduced to making up vile allegation about his personal behaviour this suggests to me his truth crusade has hit a raw nerve in high places. Veritas now holds a good chance of holding the balance of power after the next next election hence the need to slur its leader.

Its an outrage I say

At 4:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Outraged is right !! It is typical of the media to misrepresent statesmen like Robert. Robert only seeks the truth, much like his role-model Jesus did 2000 years ago. The Silk will not be stopped !!

At 5:22 AM, Blogger Stop Veritas said...

You people are spacktards. Spack spack spack spack spack!

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

At 7:59 AM, Anonymous Joe said...

The fact that you have to resort to such 'basic' and astonishingly offensive language shows a distinct lack of literal skills or indeed manners. Robert Kilroy-Silk has openly expressed views which touch the core of feeling in a vast percentage of the population of Britain. Through the creation of 'Veritas' he has given hope to those who wish to express their views without being branded as Racist. I could go on for many pages with my views on how Mr Kilroy-Silk will breathe life into debate in this country and allow some straight-talking, but I really just wanted to respond to your childish attack on Robert Kilroy-Silk and advise you to think before you type.

At 1:54 PM, Anonymous rio said...

does outraged really think that arabs, the left and media conspired together to stitch up RKS repeatedly? what a mug, as are the other supporters of this neo-facist. modern racism now has an outlet, enjoy...

At 4:37 AM, Anonymous jef d said...

Dear Outraged.

I read your comments with some amusement. Most Britons grew up admiring Kilroy? I certainly didn't. There is little to admire in a man who made his living presenting a rather boring (even more so than Trisha) talk show exploiting the fears, insecurities and weaknesses of his rather pathetic guests. Still, it's not too much different from what he's doing now, in that he's exploiting the fears, insecurities and weaknesses of his rather pathetic supporters (yes, Outraged, I mean you). Presumably he does this to gratify his own ego. There you go Outraged, you are a tool of RKS ego. Hope that makes you feel nice and important.

Even more amusing is your assertion that we should "leave Kilroy" alone, and quit making "vile allegations". You don't hold RKS to the same standard as the rest of us I see. After all, I don't see you calling on him to stop making "vile allegations" about anyone who isn't white and English.

You seem to be very selective. On the one hand it's o.k for RKS to demonise whole swathes of the population - in fact, if we were to complain about it, I'm sure you'd trot out the same old rubbish about freedom of speech. However, if anyone criticises Kilroy they get jumped on (with hob-nailed boots I suspect).

Personally I believe in freedom of speech though. Kilroy can say whatever he pleases, and I will make my judgements about him accordingly. As you may have gathered my estimation of him isn't particularly high. In fact, stop veritas summed it up rather eloquently in his comment posted above.

At 4:44 AM, Anonymous jef said...

Oh, sorry, a P.s from me.

I just read your comment Joe - may I make a suggestion? Perhaps if everyone says you are racist, maybe you are? Is it easier to follow RKS who tells you it's o.k to have those attitudes, than it is to try and improve yourself perhaps? I mean, if you think that RKS is not racist in spite of the rather obvious evidence to the contrary (see the links on this site) then it is entirely possible that you think you are not racist when in fact you are.

I understand that in fact you may not be racist, and may disagree with some of the more unpleasant opinions RKS espouses - but by throwing your support behind him you are endorsing the whole package. And in RKS case that package includes racism.

At 9:45 AM, Anonymous Outraged said...

Jef d writes of me

There you go Outraged, you are a tool of RKS ego. Hope that makes you feel nice and important

No it doesn't, it just makes me feel more outraged.

Supporters of Veritas are not gullible fools taken in by Kilroy as you suggest. Rather we are liberated citizens with a new sense of purpose because in Kilroy and Veritas we have at last found a voice.

And the allegations about Kilroy on ths site are "vile". Just read the abuse and it should make you feel ashamed to be associated with this "stop veritas" rabble. And your own allegation that Kilroy makes "vile allegations about anyone who isn't white and English" is just a pathetic parody of Kilroy's position on controlled immigration. Why don't you attack that rather than a cartoon version of it you invented yourself?

At 9:59 AM, Anonymous Veritas on The Move said...

Three cheers for "Outraged".

And to all those critics of Veritas I say read our founding statement, reproduced below. Criticise this by all means, but not some ill informed leftist parody or our beliefs and values

"If you want a party that tells the truth and only the truth, this is the party for you. If you want a party that talks straight, this is the party for you. If you are tired of the lies, the deceit, the evasions and the spin of the old parties in Westminster, then join us, because so are we.

"Fed up of being made to feel ashamed of being British? So are we. Had enough of being made to feel embarrassed about celebrating British traditions, culture and values? So have we.

"We will stop all this nonsense. We will not tolerate the bullying and the intimidation by the liberal elite in London. We will speak openly and fearlessly for the British people - of whatever ethnic background, colour or creed - and for the British way of life.

" We shall have firm control of immigration, impose zero tolerance of crime, and create a society where all are equal under the law, have equality of opportunity, are expected to take responsibility for our own lives, and families, but will be compassionate to the vulnerable, be entrepreneurial and innovative, and reach out to the wider world.

And we will, of course, ensure that we are governed by our own people, in our Parliament in Westminster. There is now an opportunity for us to change the face of British politics forever"

At 4:35 AM, Anonymous jef said...

I've already responded to Veritas on the move's comments on another link.

Dear Outraged, welcome back! I thought we'd lost you for a while there:

"I shall contribute no futher to this foul mouth forum.

I am off to join Veritas more convinced than ever."

Glad to see you stand by your convictions. I must admit, there do seem to be a fair few "vile" allegations regarding Kilroy on this site, which are sometimes unsourced. As a result we have to take those allegations with a fair degree of latitude. There are also many "vile" allegations that are properly sourced, and just go to show how "vile" RKS is. I notice though that you use those one or two unsourced allegations as an excuse to ignore and gloss over those that are based on clear evidence, probably because you don't want to face up to them.

You say that my own allegation that Kilroy makes "vile allegations about anyone who isn't white and English" is just a pathetic parody of Kilroy's position on controlled immigration. Hmm. I was rather more referring to RKS quotes such as:

"The orgy of thieving in Iraq has more to do with the character of the people than the absence of restraining troops."

This is a vile allegation about a group of people who are not British. I have not even mentioned immigration. I say yet again, if you support this man, then obviously you support his racist views, and are therefore a racist yourself.

As for your comment "Just read the abuse and it should make you feel ashamed to be associated with this "stop veritas" rabble", all I have done is post a few comments on this site, in the same way as you have. Therefore, you and me, are associated with this site to exactly the same degree.

At 4:44 AM, Anonymous Julie Christian-Schmidt (esq.) said...

Ha ha, Outraged is Back! I thought he'd had a heart attack or something! After all, being outraged all the time must put a strain on your body!

Poeple like you are so silly. You wander around being outraged by what everyone else is doing, but I seriously doubt you ever look at the way you behave. I could be outraged by your comments, but unlike you I have a life. Let me guess - do you come from somewhere like, say, Tunbridge Wells, where you've probably never seen an immigrant in your life? Oh yes, you're all so outraged by the lies the Daily Mail feeds you. Ignorant spacktards.

At 10:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Im a 16yr old. i support kilroy and i am not rasict. The European Union will be the end of this country and i am glad someone in the public eye has finally come out and admitted it. Well done Kilroy. U'll have my vote in 2 yrs time and i am sure anyones with sense, after all i am the future and my generation are getting more and more tired of the silly rules imposed by Europe and the fact they made 70% of our laws!

At 12:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Without Robert Kilroy Silk the Veritas Party is just a shell of a party being led by One man and his Dog from Twycross.

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