Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Kilroy: "no genuine asylum seekers"

What a twat. But his logic is impeccable. They can't be genuine if they've reached Britain, because "they would in most cases have had to hijack a plane from North Korea or to have come on a raft from Saudi Arabia".

Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Saudi Arabia a little far to travel from by raft? And aren't they one of our staunch allies in the war on terror?

Really, Kilroy - you can't become Prime Minister if you piss off George Bush's best buddies in Riyadh...

But hey - "this isn't a matter of race or colour, this is numbers". Because after all, when you turn people into statistics it's rather easier to shove them into the gas chambers, isn't it?


At 3:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is refreshing that RKS is not afraid to alienate George W. Bush. RKS stands for truth, honour and justice with no care for 'special relationships' with dictatorships.

At 7:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Harsh but fair appraisals of Kiljoy_Sulk!

Thank Jesus there is no sign of Veritarse in my area.

They are providing some good comedey though to be fair.

At 6:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who says immigration is a good thing anyway ?

At 6:25 AM, Anonymous Veritas on the move said...

No wonder sites like this are afraid of Veritas. Look what is happening on the ground as UKIP members in their thousands move over to RKS's crusade.

“It is only a few weeks ago that the Bolton branch was regarded as UKIP's best in the North West. We in Bolton decided to uphold the rule of democracy and free speech, and leave UKIP for Veritas. Even in it's short existence so far, Veritas is proving to be both well organised, and totally democratic from top to bottom.”

Bolton Veritas Branch Organiser formerly UKIP)
Source: The Manchester Evening News

Democracy in action I say:

At 10:10 AM, Blogger Duniya said...

No wonder sites like this are afraid of Veritas.I don't think anyone is afraid of Veritas. They just like to take the piss out of a bunch of far-right egomaniacs. Veritas? I give it a year.

At 5:44 AM, Blogger Barbara said...

Thank fuck someone has started this!

At 3:40 AM, Blogger Michael Davies said...

RKS is a maniacal ecotistical racist who would be nothing more than an unfortunate joke if it wasn't for the fact that the far right are suppoting his pathetic xenaphobic ramblings in their droves! " What good has ever come from the far east" I believe was one of his insightful and intelligent comments! How about the alphabet from which he draws on to deride great cross sections of the globe! How can one man who's only achievement has been to host a third rate excuse for a chat show, who's guests were not even genuine, think so damn highly of himself. The whole thing would be funny if it wasn't so damn sad. Its sad because I am embarrassed that there are enough people in this country of mine that are willing to put their name to this half baked excuse for a political party. Veritas is a joke, RKS a self congratulating media slag!

At 4:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Michael Davies is patently quaking with fear at what Kilroy-Silk is capable of. He realises that RKS is a force to be reckoned with and the future of British Politics !

At 4:35 AM, Anonymous Veritas on the move said...

Dear Michael Davis.

I am a supporter Veritas and can assure you I am no right wing extremist or racist? If you cared to attend a Veritas meeting you would see how mainstream and sensible the party's supporters are. What is laughable is the nonsense you peddle about us all being closet BNP members - all without the slightest bit of eveidence. We have accountants, housewives, teachers, and vicars, in our ranks - even retired servicemen who have fought facists

The one unifying factor which appears to unite anti-Veritas contributors on this site is a dislike for our leader RKS. A more charming and genuine leader it would be difficult to find. And if he was so objectionable why was his show so popular with so many for so long? How a populist touch and a charming smile are attributes he should apologise for I fail to see. He is the BBC's loss Veritas's gain - just look how UKIP took off when he joined and how now they will suffer.

I expect now some vile abuse in response. How about instead some reasoned arguments? That wouid be refreshing. Or better still why not pop in to your local Veritas meeting and see how wrong you are about our members. You could yet be convert!

At 5:33 AM, Anonymous jef d said...

Dear Mr Veritas on the move - A fair point well made about accountants, housewives and so on also being members of veritas. I'm not sure that proves your point about members of veritas not being fascists. After all, being one of the above does not necessarily preclude being right wing. I think if you look carefully at RKS quotes (there is a list on this site) it is fairly clear that he is in fact racist. Whether you personally believe you are racist or not is immaterial; by supporting RKS you are condoning his racist, hate filled rhetoric. RKS phrases things as if everyone would say the same except that they're too scared. He does this so that he can feed into the prejudices of the ignorant, and make them feel that they're not wrong for their discriminatory beliefs. You are wrong. I'm not scared of saying those things. I simply have a base level of human decency which pushes me to look as the human race as a whole, rather than seperating them into groups. I have to say, RKS world view is rather parochial and limited in scope, in a day and age where we should really be looking towards working together with others rather than selfishly looking out for our own personal interests.

How anyone can support a man who rants at the EU commission the way he did on that BBC documentary is beyond me. We are talking about a man who just shouts as loud as he can, because he has not got the wit to construct a reasoned argument. Whether you agree with his policies or not, you have to agree, he isn't really a very good debater, and certainly not someone suited to leading this country, as he'd invariably put his ego before, well, everything else.

At 7:45 AM, Anonymous Michael Martin said...

I think if RKS is elected as an MP at the next election he should stand for the position of speaker of the House of Commons. He would make an excellent host and, if a limited number of special guests ( tinkers, loafers, retired prosititues, and gay aliens) were allowed to join in commons' debates ,"Kilroy" could effectively be reborn without the need for expensive new sets. "Stop Veritas"? - why on earth would one want to do that? He'd look ever so suave in one of those wigs.

At 7:49 AM, Anonymous Samad said...

Has anyone noticed that everyone who supports Veritas on this comment has listed themselves as anonymous or not put a proper name in. Whereas those not so enamoured of the man have put a proper name in. As far as I'm concerned, it proves that supporteers of Veritas are those people brainwashed into fearing their own neighbours (I bet most of you fear crime more than pensioners living in Hackney)- to the extent that they believe hate is a justifiable form of politics.

At 8:53 AM, Anonymous Greg Dyke said...

I would advise those who doubt Kilroy to consider he had the highest rate show for week beginning 7th Feb 1988 - 127 viewers.

At 9:27 AM, Blogger Michael Davies said...

Dear Veritas on the move. Having put some considerable thought into your desired "reasoned argument", I returned to leave my comment on this forum only to find comments from: Samad, Michael Martins, Jef D and Greg Dyke!?! I think between them they sum it up far better than I could. I'd like to know why I should be quaking with fear at the prospect of what RKS is capable of?!? He will never be a force to be reckoned with, as I said, his ego is far too big to be an affective politician. I do admit however that the support from regular BNP activists for Veritas is pretty scary. Isn't a united world free from poverty, race and religious hatred what we should be aspiring to, or should we be supporting a so-called party that promotes racial tension and harps back to imperial tendencies. Does RKS believe all men and women are created equal??? I think not.

At 9:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed the similarties between Hitler and Kilroy? Both served in the German Army, during WW1, both hosted succesful BBC daytime chatshows, and both wrote books called Mein Kampf. The public deserves to know this before they are seduced by Kilroy's appealing smarm and charm. Unchallenged, he will soon be invading Russia.

Thank god for the vigilance of sites like this.

At 5:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Michael Davies, you should be quaking with fear. RKS will transform British life with his honest and selfless policies. As Veritas will make considerable in-roads come May the 5th, perhaps you should consider emmigrating to Syria, where 'veritas'and its disciples are suppressed.

At 5:46 AM, Anonymous jef d said...

Dear Anonymous (whichever particular anonymous you are).

I am glad you are able to stand by your beliefs by putting your name to them. There seem to be a lot of Anonymous's in this country at the second, which I find strange, as it's a rather unconventional name, but in this day of Cruz's and Apples, who are we to judge?

Perhaps you could clear up a few queries I have regarding your comments aimed towards my esteemed friend and peer, Mr Davies.

First: he should emigrate to Syria, where veritas is suppressed. You mean there is a branch of veritas based in Syria? How does that work? Is it a bunch of Syrians trying to deport foreign nationals perhaps. Or a slightly more wacky form of veritas that wants to remove all "foreigners" from Syria, so that it can be enjoyed exclusively by white folk? Given the rhetoric of veritas, I can quite easily believe that they would be that insane.

Perhaps you have chosen Syria, as this is the latest country that Mr Bush wants to start bombing, and you're one of those people to basic to understand the political and economic motivation for these moves by the American political body.

I notice that rather than present a well constructed and coherent argument against the many valid points that Mr Davies and others on this site have raised, you resort to implying that we are "quaking in fear" at the power of RKS. Er, no, we're quaking, but that's only to supress the laughter.

Maybe if you could present us with something thought provoking and interesting we'd be able to debate the issues raised with you. However, since it seems that you are unable to do this, we'll have to assume that you either lack the understanding of these issues to effectively debate them, or lack the accumen to present your opinions in a coherent form.

At 10:10 AM, Anonymous Veritas on the move said...

jef d said... "Maybe if you could present us with something thought provoking and interesting we'd be able to debate the issues raised with you"

Debate these, our Party's founding Principles

"If you want a party that tells the truth and only the truth, this is the party for you. If you want a party that talks straight, this is the party for you. If you are tired of the lies, the deceit, the evasions and the spin of the old parties in Westminster, then join us, because so are we.

Fed up of being made to feel ashamed of being British? So are we. Had enough of being made to feel embarrassed about celebrating British traditions, culture and values? So have we.

We will stop all this nonsense. We will not tolerate the bullying and the intimidation by the liberal elite in London. We will speak openly and fearlessly for the British people - of whatever ethnic background, colour or creed - and for the British way of life.
We shall have firm control of immigration, impose zero tolerance of crime, and create a society where all are equal under the law, have equality of opportunity, are expected to take responsibility for our own lives, and families, but will be compassionate to the vulnerable, be entrepreneurial and innovative, and reach out to the wider world.

And we will, of course, ensure that we are governed by our own people, in our Parliament in Westminster. There is now an opportunity for us to change the face of British politics forever"

At 2:10 AM, Anonymous jef said...

Dear Mr Veritas on the move,

I'm sure I've heard all of those comments before. Have you quoted verbatim from your party's brochure? They seem like a bunch of empty platitudes to me. You say a lot of things that you want to do, and that you purport to stand for. However you are unable to explain how these aims are going to be achieved in the event that your party gets elected. Also I would point out that the statement is rather vague. I take it you dislike new Labour (as do I), but I am fairly sure that if you read one of their party brochures it would say much the same thing as you have. When I talked about "reasoned arguments" I was rather hoping that you would be able to come up with some of your own rather than just quoting the party line. At least that would have shown you could think for yourself.

I also notice that you seem unable to address issues that have been raised on this site concerning the inherent racism of your party's leader. You claim your party will represent those of all creeds and colours. May I point out that you may find it difficult to do this given your leaders propensity for denigrating most ethnic minorities (again, I refer you to the link on this site quoting RKS many attacks against almost anyone who isn't white and British). Am I really supposed to believe that ethnic minorities would be treated with respect and dignity in RKS Britain when he has already blatantly disrespected them on numerous occasions?

The quote also refers to being sick of the spin and lies perpetrated by poilitical parties in Westminster. I am also sick of them. Veritas is also a political party, and as such is also likely to resort to the same lies and spin. An example of this is in your quote, again regarding ethnic background: "We will speak openly and fearlessly for the British people - of whatever ethnic background, colour or creed". I suppose when RKS said that when RKS said that "Rather than promote peace and understanding between people, the Pakistanis want to generate hate, but then what else can we expect from Pakistan?", or "Are you fed up of some bleating blacks and Asians blaming their own failures on how their forefathers were exploited by the British Empire?... Why don’t they stop whining and get a life?", that he was speaking for the those British people with Pakistani, African, or Asian backgrounds, as well as white people?

I think not. I think he was speaking against people from those backgrounds. And this means that the statement you put in your post did in fact lie. If Kilroy really wanted to "speak openly and fearlessly for the British people - of whatever ethnic background, colour or creed", he wouldn't say such things. This makes a mockery of your claim to be "a party that tells the truth and only the truth", considering that the very same statement contains a lie.

If you want to present me with some reasoned, coherent arguments, then please do so. If your just going to parrott your party line at me then please don't bother to insult my intelligence.

At 5:38 AM, Blogger Michael Davies said...

Dear Veritas on the move,

I rather think that my esteemed and learned friend Jef has raised some thought provoking and important issues. It seems to me, as Jef has pointed out rather eloquently, that both yourself and Outraged are just regurgitating party sound bites. I think what Jef is trying to encourage you to do, is to get you to refute the despicable racist comments that RKS has been making on record! (I refer you to the links on this site…. again)., but it appears not only are you unable to do this, but you whole heartedly agree with everything he says

Please tell me; Is Scotland dying, Do Pakistanis just want to generate hate, and is this just what we can expect from them? Are the French all “devious”, “ treacherous…. and not to be trusted” Is it really the case that “Most of what is good and decent in Africa have been provided by Europe and the United States”? And as for RKS’ view on the Muslims, well, if similar insults were made about your beloved Great Britain I’m sure you would have a few words to say about that! Please explain the meaning behind these statements that according to you we have been misconstrued or blown out of context and how they could possibly be taken in any other way but racist?

Also, whilst I’m here; I would like you clarify why and how you are being made to feel ashamed to be British? If a society which is free from racial and religious tension, where everyone is treated as equal regardless of his or her origin (we are still a long way from this) is something to be ashamed of, then something is clearly wrong!

Please understand, the British Empire is dead (thank god). National identity is becoming less and less important (a notion foreign to the greedy hegemonic war machine that is the US government). We need to concentrate on world unity and peace not just our own selfish interests and petty small minded wrangling over sovereignty and power struggles within Europe. Full integration into Europe will facilitate this vision and will also offer a counter balance to the bullyboy attitude of the US neo fascist ruling class. A ruling class I’m sure RKS aspires to.

At 5:53 AM, Anonymous jef said...

Look what I found on veritas forum:

A veritas supporter wrote:

"Quote (from stopveritas site, for those who don't know, j):

'Veritas = Christian conspiracy (just like Opus Dei in that inexplicably popular Da Vinci Code nonsense)
First it was Veritas "Leader" Tony Bennett and his connections to the ape-shit mental Christian Voice, now it's Veritas "chief executive" Jonathan Lockhart. Loads of nice info in that last link.

Christians, eh? What a bunch of bastards - just like their Lord Jesus Christ. (What? His mother was unmarried, wasn't she? The hussy...)'

There really is some nasty stuff coming out on this site now. Replace the word Chrisitan with any other religion and there would be outrage.

Low, very low."

Stop veritas replied:

And you don't, just perhaps, think that a point is being made about Kilroy's own anti-"Arab" (aka Muslim) hate speech?

The response to this from the veritas supporter is:

“Two wrongs do not make a right!

Hypocrisy is one of my pet hates.”

You were right Mr Davies, they don't take it so well when the shoes on the other foot.

The funniest thing is the comment "two wrongs don't make a right". Could this loyal veritas supporter really be saying that RKS is wrong? Astounding, perhaps I underestimated them. Or maybe (more likely) the person making this reply was too obtuse to realise what his statment suggested!

At 2:31 AM, Anonymous jef d said...

Hello all, sorry to keep posting, but I keep hearing the most shocking things.

RKS and Veritas are said to be linked to Christian Voice? Doesn't surprise me. I heard that they've been up to their old tricks again.

Apparently the cast of Jerry Springer the Opera (JSTO) recently raised funds for a cancer charity. Because of their idealogical objections to the show, Christian Voice decided to oppose it.

They told the charity that not only would they encourage Christians to no longer give any money to the charity, but also that they would picket the charity's hospices. I'm going to repeat that for any of you who may not believe what you have read:

Christian Voice threatened to picket Hospices.

I understand that many Christians objected to JSTO, and that also many didn't. The majority of rational decent Christians were of the view that people could watch JSTO themselves and then make up their own mind on it. After all, if you don't like it, it isn't so hard to reach over to press the off button is it?

These extremists (also responsible for death threats against th BBC for showing JSTO) give Christians a bad name. What kind of a person would sink so low, however worthy they believe their cause to be, as to picket a place where people dying of cancer are cared for. Don't they deserve some peace in their last days?

I understand That Christian Voice believe they are standing up for Christians, but do they not see that their irrational approach to this has turned them into the very scum they profess to hate. Their actions are also decidedly unchristian - they mock their own religion every bit as much as they say JSTO did by ignoring it's teachings.

The human race is really starting to depress me.

At 9:23 AM, Blogger Matt Davies said...


I'd just like to point out I am not a Veritas supporter. I will always point out hypocrisy when I see it though, from where ever it originates.

I gave, and still give, Kilroy the benefit of the doubt on his Arab comments. In the original context they did seem to be about the leaderships.

I am a UKIP supporter which apparently make me a f*cking moron, I could get all upset about that, but it's just someones opinion, so I don't.

At 6:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"VERITAS will openly and fearlessly speak up for Britain and the British way of life."

That will do me nicely

At 4:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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