Monday, February 14, 2005

Kilroy-Silk: Love Rat and Fraudster?

Yep, it's Robert this time. As mentioned before, he's a naughty boy:

"In 1995, the tabloids found that he had had an affair with Hillary Beauchamp, an art teacher and had had a son, Danny to whose welfare he contributed £200 a month, or as was reported, 0.5 per cent of his £500,000 annual income. A Penthouse model later accused him of trying to seduce her after she appeared on his show."
An alternative source? OK:
"in 1995 when Kilroy-Silk admitted he'd had an affair with an art teacher who became pregnant. She had a son, Danny, for whom he was reported to have paid the princely sum of stg»50 a week maintenance out of his stg»10,000 weekly income."
From that same article, reports that guests on Kilroy's show were fakes:
"In 1999, the tabloids reported that many of Kilroy's guests had been impostors supplied by a model agency to discuss topics such as kinky sex and drugs. One south London disc jockey had pretended to be a cocaine addict. "
When is Kilroy going to confirm or deny the "veritas" behind these allegations? He's set up a party designed to cut out the sleaze in politics - is it possible for an adulteror who conned the British public into thinking they were watching a genuine discussion show which was actually populated by actors to do this?


At 6:19 AM, Anonymous Outraged said...

Love rat and fraudster? On this basis you would have disqualified Franklin D Roosevelt as US President. And chat show guests? - do you think Kilroy personally booked them for his show?

What Kilroy does do is expose the Eurocrats and liberals who are selling this country down the road to the Germans, Arabs, and Frenchies. In doing this he is our champion truth-seeker, a worthy voice for Vertitas.

At 6:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why pick on Kilroy? Why don't you expose some of Veritas' other members?

At 6:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Emeritus, I mean Kilroy, is taking a fair degree of flak for his courageous views. I once had the honour of seeing Kilroy speak and only once did he mention Penthouse magazine. The truth will out.

At 7:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why attack Kilroy at all?

£50 a week sounds reasonable maintenance. And what's Kilroy's income got to do with it? : If the mother of Kilroy's alleged child deserved more or wanted more she could apply to the Child Support Agency.

At 8:59 AM, Blogger Stop Veritas said...

I didn't say being a love rat and fraudster disqualified him from being a decent politician (although he isn't) - merely that such dishonesty surely disqualifies him from running a party priding itself on spreading "truth".

Why pick on Kilroy? - Why not? He's a figure in the public eye. If he's so confident in his opinions he should be more than capable of countering any attacks. Or should we never question politicians? Do they always know what's best for us? In which case why bother with that pesky business of voting for the buggers?

Why don't I expose some of Veritas' other members? When it has some, I will. (Although Damian Hockney, Tony Bennett and Jonathan Lockhart have already had a few snipes aimed in their direction, to be fair.)

In the meantime, answer me this - is it "truthful" to promise to "forsake all others" in your marriage vows and then shag someone else while your wife's back's turned? If Kilroy can't be trusted to be truthful and loyal to his own wife (let alone loyal to the Labour party or to UKIP when he was a member of them), how can he be trusted now?

At 3:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kiljoy Sulk is a fucktard of the lowest order. He loves himself so much that it's a miracle he has time for affairs. Why is his fanclub/party so focused on immigration? He doesn't mind blotting the Spanish landscape does he.

The fact he has surrounded himself with idiots such as Martin "ignorant immigrant in Swiss land"Cole. Tony "phony jesus lover" Bennett, Daniel "Daddy's a polititian" Moss, Damian "Nip and Tuck" Hockney and all the other freaks, show his judgement is poor.

I bet UKIP are thanking their lucky starts this twat has come and taken all the turds away from them!

At 4:53 AM, Anonymous Outraged said...

I am further outraged but not convinced by this vitriol.

What has RKS and his honourable band of followers done to deserve such treatment? It would put one off public service.

And whatever happened to polite political discourse on the salient political issues of our time?

I shall contribute no futher to this foul mouth forum.

I am off to join Veritas more convinced than ever.



At 4:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks to StopVeritas, RKS has won another convert in the form of Outraged. I think we must accept that Veritas is here to Stay and should be accepted as a legitimate, inclusive and forward-looking Party.

At 8:23 AM, Blogger Stop Veritas said...

Ah-ha, but maybe that's the whole aim? Eh? Eh?

The more spacktards who join that pathetic excuse for a party (whoever heard of fascists in purple?), the more useless it will get. "Outraged" is an ideal convert.

At 8:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome to Veritas

If you want a party that tells the truth and only the truth, this is the party for you. If you want a party that talks straight, this is the party for you. If you are tired of the lies, the deceit, the evasions and the spin of the old parties in Westminster, then join us, because so are we.

Fed up of being made to feel ashamed of being British? So are we. Had enough of being made to feel embarrassed about celebrating British traditions, culture and values? So have we.

We will stop all this nonsense. We will not tolerate the bullying and the intimidation by the liberal elite in London. We will speak openly and fearlessly for the British people - of whatever ethnic background, colour or creed - and for the British way of life.
We shall have firm control of immigration, impose zero tolerance of crime, and create a society where all are equal under the law, have equality of opportunity, are expected to take responsibility for our own lives, and families, but will be compassionate to the vulnerable, be entrepreneurial and innovative, and reach out to the wider world.

And we will, of course, ensure that we are governed by our own people, in our Parliament in Westminster. There is now an opportunity for us to change the face of British politics forever.

At 11:41 AM, Anonymous Like, its me. said...

Dude, am i the onmly person that see's that outraged and annonymous are the same person. Whoi cares anyway. He's got less impact on our politics than the BNP, who's line he basically follows anyway, the racist twat. Whataloadofbollocks.

At 1:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

President Clinton was enbroiled in a sex scandal but despite that he was widely respected as a Statesman. So IF Robert Kilroy Silk did have an affair so what, he is an man who despises what a stream of incompetant politicians have done to this country. He speaks from the heart rather than from his backside unlike so many politicians. He should not be condemed for speaking the truth but aplauded. If people read Veritas's Manifesto and articled on the websire they would understand this man is passionate to keep the British way of life and not allow it to be destroyed by Europe or Imigration. Keep going Robert we who have the inteligence to think things through with out letting left wing liberal indoctrination colour our views supprt your truth and stance

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