Monday, February 07, 2005

Veritas - "let's water down the lager!!?!"

Sound like a bunch of lightweights to me:

"both alcohol and pornography have already had a devastating effect on the moral character of the nation and will continue to do so for some time. It is time that it was recognised that pandering to man's most bestial instincts, as pornography does, can only damage our society. It is also time to realise that some gentlemen are simply more able to enjoy alcohol effectively because they treat the subject with intelligence and sophistication. Most of the problems stemming from drink arise from yobs and oafs guzzling beers in rowdy pubs. Those of us who prefer a finer variety of drink, and prefer to savour our tipple as opposed to glug it down, never seem to have the sort of problems that these yobs do.

"The solution, I feel, is to water down the cheaper varities of drink to limit the extent to which slovenly individuals can damage themselves."

Hip hip hooray for Veritas - fighting for the elimination of snobbery!! And wanking!!!


At 8:31 AM, Anonymous joel said...

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