Thursday, March 31, 2005

A reader writes:

"My couisin has joined Veritas in Bolton and she is already becoming
disillusioned by the party. Despite repeated efforts her branch has heard
absolutely nothing from national heaquarters. Apparently Kilroy-Silk has all
but dissappeared, and will only turn up at branch meetings if he is paid to
attend. She is also pretty sure six or seven people in her branch are ex
national Front though they deny this -one of them even wants to contest a
seat on a Veritas ticket at the next election.

"I have read some of the pro Veritas posts on your site and they make me both
laugh and cry. They give the impression that there is some sort of activity
out there, whereas my cousin will vouch the new party is all but moribund
already. Having said that I find the naivity of some of the pro veritas
posts frighting. This no boy scout movement - close up they are a pretty
nasty bunch, though thankfully small in number and lazy with it."

I too am lazy, as the lack of updates has shown.

Well, actually it's just that I have a life - unlike most Veritas supporters! Ha ha ha ha ha! Do you see what I did there? God, I'm funny...


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