Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Veritas in Croydon - a couple of cunts

Via email:

Some dirt for you on Winston Mckenzie and Marianne Bowness, both Veritas candidates in Croydon.

She tends to come up with some crazy ideas - you never know where they're going next. Here are some:

- last year they decided to run a 'mini olympics' in Croydon for children. Complete flop

- winston's launched a 'charity' single before... had thousands of cds of him singing pressed and sold a few dozen i believe. no money went to charites to my knowledge, though at the time of launching it they were hopefully that half a year later they'd be arriving at a wedding in a limousine. they thought their single would get to no. 1 in the charts

- before chosing to run as a 'black voice' or something like that last year, winston also considered the liberal democrat party

- they're both completely clueless

- they have some dodgy dealings (or at least used to) going with charities in which they apparently work for these charities and get office space and a car and maybe money. i'm sure its all a scam

- marianne bowness used to be married to the mayor of crydon, peter bowness, who's now a lord. they're now divorced

- their latest escipade, apart from veritas, is to buy/sell oil out of nigeria, which to me sounds like one of those nigerian scams. but again, they think they'll make millions from it, even though they have no knowledge about hte oil markets at all!

- winston used to own a pub with his brothers in croydon which was closed down because of drugs. there has been a court case

- they're always trying to 'borrow' money off friends and family who they don't speak to except to try and get money

generally they're both absolutely bonkers!


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At 7:20 AM, Anonymous Hallmark Signs said...

We are trying to locate these two, in particular Marianne Bowness as we were hit finacially by the failure of their mini olympics. Anyone with rescent whereabouts or an address for either or both would be very helpful

At 4:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

can you tell me a bit more please as i am currently dealing with the two you mention? many thanks


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